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Large External Refrigeration
Large External Refrigeration Options

Fridge trailers are a convenient, portable option when you need external refrigeration. They can be set up and used immediately, there is no assembly required! Unlike standard fridges, which can break down if the surrounding temperature drops too low, fridge trailers can withstand a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

Fridge Trailer Hire
Benefits of Fridge Trailer Hire

If you’re facing an emergency or need extra refrigeration for an event you probably won’t have time to conduct extensive research into the refrigeration options available to you. Panic over, our fridge trailer hire is the perfect solution for all your refrigeration needs!

Emergency Freezer Hire
Emergency Freezer Hire Can Save You

Whether it’s a broken oven or forgetting to defrost that chicken, catering emergencies happen to everyone at some point. However, when it comes to a broken fridge or freezer it can feel catastrophic. Your stock can spoil and become inedible, wasting your valuable assets and possibly even putting lives at risks!

Emergency Refrigeration Hire
Keep Emergency Refrigeration In Mind

Imagine you’re running a busy restaurant and preparing for the busy weekend ahead, your fridges are fully stocked and your tables are fully booked but your freezers break down! What do you do? Or maybe you’re throwing a large outdoor party and providing food for all your guests but the venues’ fridges stop working a matter of hours beforehand. Where do you turn?