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Same-Day Chiller Hire: Don't Take It for Granted

The new refrigeration editor at ACHR News recently wrote a piece introducing himself to his readers and declaring that the refrigeration industry is anything but boring. In his article, editor Ron Rajecki also made the point that we tend to take refrigeration for granted in the modern era. He was speaking primarily of refrigeration at the consumer level, but the truth certainly applies to same-day chiller hire at the commercial and industrial levels. Businesses take refrigeration for granted just as individual consumers do.

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Natural Refrigeration and Refrigerated Trailer Rental

The team here at Icecool Trailers focuses all of our energies on the services we provide, including refrigerated trailer rental for both planned events and emergencies. We do not spend a lot of time talking about cutting-edge technologies such as natural refrigeration. However, that does not mean these technologies do not affect us. They do, and they will continue to do so as long as we are in the refrigeration business.

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Could a Walk-in Freezer Double As a Space Heater?

The UK government is currently looking at a cutting-edge space heating principle that would extract heat from the cold waters of rivers and canals to provide space heat in local areas during the winter months. Although the idea does not directly relate to what we do at Icecool Trailers, it is intriguing enough to make us wonder whether a walk-in freezer could double as a space heater for some applications. Allow us to explain.

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The Future of Refrigerated Trailer Rental

RAC Magazine editor Andrew Gaved is among the industry professionals thrilled to announce that the government has accepted the industry's framework for apprenticeship training. That framework, long in the making, will have a very definite impact on the entire refrigeration industry. It will even affect the future of refrigerated trailer rental. It is all about training the next generation of workers who will be designing, building, and servicing the equipment of tomorrow.