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Temporary Freezer Units: Perfect for Glastonbury

A Pilton pub owner has spent the slower winter season developing a brand-new menu of light meals to be served in his establishment. The addition of new food items has helped his business grow, so now he is looking at participating as a vendor at Glastonbury 2015. Whether or not he can make a go of it depends on how much food he thinks he can realistically sell. If he cannot sell what he brings, can it still be salvaged? Yes, if the pub owner takes advantage of temporary freezer units supplied by a company such as Icecool Trailers

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Research Could Improve Temporary Refrigeration Sector

Research now being conducted by a global HVAC and refrigeration company holds quite a bit of promise for the commercial food service industry in the UK. However, they are not the only ones that stand to benefit. What Emerson Climate Technologies learns from their work could also prove helpful to the temporary refrigeration sector as well.

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Battery Could Add New Element to Temporary Cold Storage

Renewable energy holds a lot of promise for changing the way we do things. However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to large-scale adoption is one of storage. Energy producers need to be able to store excess energy during non-peak periods for later use at peak, whether by battery or some other storage facility.

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Refrigerated Trailer Hire and a Creative Opportunity

Every day, we work with clients looking for refrigerated trailer hire or walk-in freezer rental. But how often do we take the time to think about where modern refrigeration came from, or why we even enjoy what we have available to us today? For the record, much of what the refrigeration industry has become is owed to the creative thoughts of a North American businessperson in the 1830s.