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How Mobile Refrigeration Helps to Control Expansion Costs

Any business that deals in food products has to be especially sensitive to the many challenges that come with expansion. In the area of organic food and drink, expansion inevitably means increasing inventories enough to meet existing demand and then some on top of that. Without proper planning, this could lead to higher than expected cold storage costs.

Picture of Commercial Cold Room Hire
How to Maximise the Value of Cold Room Hire

We understand that cold room hire is a budgetary expense that ultimately cuts into your bottom line. But it is necessary if you sell products requiring temperature control. So in order to lessen the financial burden, we have put together a few tips for maximising the value of renting one of our trailers or walk-in rooms.

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Brexit Crash: Time for Emergency Refrigeration

We have done our best here at Icecool Trailers to avoid fanning the flames of Brexit panic. We have continued to believe that our leaders would work out an amenable deal that would allow the UK to leave the EU with as little disruption as possible. But with the possibility of a Brexit crash now increasing, it might be time to start looking at things a bit differently.

A Farm Show benefiting from fridge trailer rental
Yes – We Offer Fridge Trailer Rental to Farmers

We believe, fridge trailers are superior in nearly every respect compared to refrigerated van hire. That's why we make a point of explaining to our partners in the agricultural industry why fridge trailers are so vital to their livelihood.