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Mobile Refrigeration Innovation
Simple Invention Opens New Doors for Mobile Refrigeration

At Icecool Trailers, we are always looking for ways mobile refrigeration is being used to benefit those who need it most. So we were pleasantly surprised to learn about a simple invention that opens new doors to mobile refrigeration; doors that could lead to saving lives around the world.

Portable Cold Rooms
Using a Portable Cold Room to Accommodate Growth

Icecool Trailers made our name by offering clients refrigerated and freezer trailers on demand. But trailers are not all we provide. We also offer portable cold rooms deliverable across our entire service area including Greater London and beyond. In this post, we want to talk about using a portable cold room to accommodate business growth.

Spring Wedding Fridge Trailer Hire
Spring Wedding Plans: Reserve Your Fridge Trailer Now

Your daughter has been dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding all her life. Now that you have the opportunity to make her dreams come true, the last thing you need is to throw the party of the century only to find the food spoiled because it wasn't kept cold. If you call Ice Cool Trailers, we will not let this happen.

Large External Refrigeration
Large External Refrigeration Options

Fridge trailers are a convenient, portable option when you need external refrigeration. They can be set up and used immediately, there is no assembly required! Unlike standard fridges, which can break down if the surrounding temperature drops too low, fridge trailers can withstand a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.