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Emergency Refrigeration Plan
Do You Have an Emergency Refrigeration Plan?

Icecool Trailers is more than happy to provide emergency refrigeration service to our clients. We offer freezer trailers, refrigerated trailers, and walk-in cold rooms and freezers at a moment's notice. We do our part to make sure that none of our clients suffers a loss in the event of a refrigeration emergency.

fridge trailer rental
Fridge Trailer Rental: Things to Think About

When a customer calls Icecool Trailers to arrange fridge trailer rental, we do our best to walk the client through an analysis of his or her needs so as to provide the right unit. We do this because both our trailers and walk-in units come in different sizes. We want to make sure that every customer gets the right unit for his or her particular needs.

freezer trailer 2.4m dimensions
Just How Long Can You Store Food in a Freezer Trailer?

Our freezers are similar to permanent freezers except that they are built on trailer frames for portability. They are also weatherproof as well. You could use a freezer trailer to keep food products just as long as you would using a permanent freezer.

Internal and External Refrigeration
Temporary Cold Storage: Internal or External Refrigeration?

As a potential Icecool Trailers customer, should you select internal or external refrigeration? In other words, should you rent one of our trailers or elect to have a walk-in cold room delivered and installed? That depends on a number of different circumstances. We can offer you a bit of guidance when you call and speak to one of our portable refrigeration specialists.