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Picture of Medical Research
How a Walk-In Freezer Can Aid Medical Research

A walk-in freezer, which is a far better option compared to refrigerated van hire, can aid medical research by providing effective cold storage for biomedical samples. Icecool Trailers is pleased to be able to serve companies in the biomedical field along with healthcare facilities and universities.

Picture of Kitchen Fridge Trailer Rental
The Role of Freezer Trailer Rental in a Zero-Waste Kitchen

There are some who believe pursuing a zero-waste strategy could go a long way toward eliminating unnecessary food waste by teaching restaurant owners and kitchen staff how to better use the resources at hand. As long as restaurants are pursuing a zero-waste goal, we believe an important part of the overall strategy is access to refrigerator and freezer trailer rental.

Picture of External Refrigeration Hire
Higher Food Prices Create Need for Seasonal Refrigeration

The pending festivities means more business for restaurants, pubs, hotels, and caterers. It also means more seasonal, external refrigeration solutions to account for the increased stock commercial kitchens will need to keep on hand. If you run a food service operation, have you thought about seasonal refrigeration yet? If not, try this for motivation: the average price of the cheapest Christmas meal has gone up an estimated 18% this year.

Freezer Trailer Safety
Refrigerated and Freezer Trailer Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to help make your rental as safe as possible. Before we get to them though, the first thing you need to know is that Icecool Trailers does not rent trailers for self-tow. We prefer to deliver and pick up the units ourselves.