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Picture of a Quirky Wedding
Fridge Trailer Hire Was Made for Quirky Weddings

The Telegraph ran an interesting piece on 13th February discussing how weddings in the UK look to be more quirky than traditional in 2018. That's fine by us. From our perspective, fridge trailer hire was made for quirky weddings in the strangest locations. And compared to refrigerated van hire, well, there is just no comparison. Refrigerated trailers win every time.

Picture of Emergency Refrigeration for Supermarkets
Emergency Cold Room Hire: Because You Never Know

During the early hours of 24th July 2017, food items stored in the chillers of a Welwyn Garden City supermarket began to warm up. That's because the supermarket's chillers stopped working. By the time staff arrived to begin their shifts, it was obvious that what couldn't be saved by moving it to temporary cold storage out back would have to be disposed of.

Picture of Chiller Hire for Asparagus
Asparagus Farmers – Start Planning Chiller Hire Now

As of the date of this writing, we are at the end of January (2018). That means farmers who grow asparagus have just about eight weeks to get ready for the start of the annual British asparagus season. If you are a producer, do not wait until March to start planning for your chiller hire. Make your plans now to ensure you will have a unit when you need it.

Picture of Multiple Unnecessary Fridges
Replacing Multiple Units with a Single Walk-In Freezer

Clients contacting us looking for refrigerator or walk-in freezer hire sometimes have to be led through the process of deciding just how much portable cold storage they need. A client can call thinking that multiple units would be best when a single walk-in unit would be better. We take the time to work with clients to figure out just the right solution to each of their individual challenges.