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Are walk-in freezers eco-friendly?

The question of walk-in freezer eco-friendliness is common. We get asked about how eco-friendly our freezer rooms are all of the time, and for good reason – like ourselves, businesses don’t want to increase their impact on the environment if they can help it.

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Temporary refrigeration – for when disaster strikes

Hopefully, you have never and will never be there, but those of you operating in the catering industry may find yourselves without refrigeration one day. And that means your food stock, which could be worth thousands of pounds, is at risk.

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Science Refrigerating Bees – For Their Own Good

Our position as a leading provider of portable, temporary refrigeration means that we see many odd uses of our equipment. However, even we were a little surprised to find out that researchers in a number of countries are using refrigeration equipment to cool bees. Yes, bees are being refrigerated by science – for their own good.

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Magnetic Refrigeration Expected to Grow

​As the world aggressively investigates new refrigerants to replace environmentally dangerous HCFCs, an entirely different segment of the industry is pursuing magnetic refrigeration. Now, a brand-new research report from MarketsandMarkets (M&M) suggests there may be a very good future for this new method of refrigeration; perhaps it will eventually make its way to our refrigerated trailers and walk-in cold rooms.