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Trailer and coldroom hire
How Chiller Trailers Work

Chiller trailers are professionally converted box trailers that are of a similar shape to horse boxes, but they wouldn’t be much fun for Seabiscuit being so cold! They are a popular refrigeration solution with event caterers and indeed restaurateurs who require adaptable and flexible refrigeration solutions.

Christmas season for catering businesses
Cold room hire for extra Christmas stock

Tis’ the season to be jolly, or as many people like to say, get trolleyed. Whichever side you are on, one thing’s for sure – catering businesses, cafes, restaurants and takeaways can expect a significant boost in retail over the next month or so, which is fantastic news. It’s important for everyone not to underestimate this explosion though, and to be ready for it.

Mobile cold room
Top tips for mobile cold room hire

Hiring a mobile cold room for the first time is like stepping into the unknown. Most people have no idea what to look for in such a service and most cold room hire firms out there entice people in with special offers, or bold promises. The truth is, hiring the right mobile cold room from the right supplier isn’t about special offers or bold promises. It’s simply about finding a service that meets the needs of your business, and then some.

cooler trailers for catering business
Fridge trailers are perfect for moving your business

It’s the dawn of a new era for your business – you’re moving shop, and you now have the opportunity to build something bigger, better and leaner. But let’s be honest – the process of moving is hardly fun. It’s actually incredibly stressful, and catering businesses in particular have a tough job because of their high value food stock that needs to be transported from place to place securely, and in a way that keeps it fresh.