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Penguin Housing: One Way to Use Fridge Trailer Hire

One of the things we try to do at Icecool Trailers is explain the versatility of fridge trailer hire. There are so many uses for our refrigerated trailers and freezers that it's hard to do justice to them all. Still, we want to highlight one of the most unusual fridge trailer hire stories we've ever heard. We cannot take credit for it though.

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Worldwide Refrigeration Statistics: They Might Surprise You

Being that we are in the mobile refrigeration business, we thought it might be interesting to look up worldwide refrigeration statistics just to see how our industry fits in. What we found was rather surprising. There are more refrigeration units in the world than we imagined. The statistics clearly demonstrate just how important refrigeration is to the modern world and, indirectly, how important mobile refrigeration is to UK business.

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Emergency Refrigeration: Failure Can Happen at Any Time

If it seems like we push emergency refrigeration more than we ought to, it is only because we understand one of the fundamental truths of our industry: failure can happen to anyone, at any time. Just ask the hundreds of figure skaters who arrived at the Guildford Spectrum on 22 May to find their much-anticipated competition cancelled due to a refrigeration breakdown.

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Surprising Foods You Can Keep in a Freezer Trailer

You own a London restaurant and one of your two freezer units goes down. Of course, you call Icecool Trailers for an emergency freezer trailer. Then you have the agonising process of deciding what to put in the trailer and what to keep inside. You might even be thinking of moving some of the excess inventory in your walk-in chiller to the freezer trailer, so that you can keep some of your frozen inventory inside.