EPEE Future Strategy to Affect Cold Storage

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It is no secret that European stakeholders are preparing for a future without certain types of refrigerants and some of the technologies that have provided the cold storage capacity we have needed for a productive cold chain. We have seen the European Union begin devising and implementing strategies for this future. Now the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) has stepped up with an announcement of their new plan for taking the heating and cooling industry into the future as part of the EU Energy Union framework.

The EPEE's strategy announcement lays out four distinct areas they plan to work on between now and the end of the year. Those areas are:

  • effective energy use utilising a holistic approach
  • increased consumer awareness of energy efficient solutions
  • enforcement of EU legislation
  • developing an equal focus on both cooling and heating.

How will the organisation's strategy directly affect the portable cold storage industry? By reshaping how we offer solutions to customers in light of new energy efficiency standards, new equipment, and future refrigerants we have not even begun to use yet. The combination of the EPEE strategy and the EU Energy Union framework will affect everything from hiring a walk-in freezer to temporary fridge trailer hire.

Holistic Approach to Energy

Those of us in the portable cold storage industry are especially interested in seeing what the EPEE comes up with in terms of a holistic approach to energy efficiency. By definition, the word 'holistic' denotes looking at the energy efficiency issue by considering the plethora of individual components and their interaction and interdependence on one another. A holistic approach will not focus only on refrigerants, for example, it will also include physical hardware, how cold storage systems are implemented, new technologies, etc.

The idea here is to ensure that the heating and cooling equipment of tomorrow offers maximum performance with the least amount of energy consumption possible. What energy is consumed must be produced in a sustainable way and with very little impact on the environment. Reaching such lofty goals requires us to rethink everything we know about refrigeration and its heating cousin. However, there will be a day when Europe reaches its energy efficiency goals while also implementing a more efficient cold chain for food service, medical, and industrial use.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Right now, our industry is focusing on coming into compliance with new regulations revolving around old and new refrigerants. Who knows what the cold storage equipment of tomorrow will look like. Whatever happens, you can rest assured that the strategy now being developed by the EPEE and others will make our industry better.


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