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Eco-Friendliness: Walk-In Freezer Hire vs Freezer Van

- 09-Jul-2015
Freezer hire from Icecool trailers

A caterer in central London has accepted a job to provide meals for 200 guests at an upcoming corporate gathering. The complexity of the job requires some of the food to be prepared at the caterer's location before being transported and stored at the site of the event. The question for the caterer is how to keep that food from spoiling. He is considering two choices: walk-in freezer hire or renting a freezer van. We believe the walk-in freezer is better on multiple levels, including the fact that it is more eco-friendly.

Dr Tim Fox, of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, says that Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) are neither regulated for pollution control nor regularly investigated to determine how much pollution they add to the environment. The company he works for recently put out information in the form of an infographic suggesting that TRUs could be emitting up to 29 times more pollution than a standard, regulated diesel engine.

Keep in mind that TRUs may or may not be independent of the diesel engines that power freezer vans. In other words, a freezer van may have a standard diesel engine to power its transmission and wheels, and a separate diesel engine used for refrigeration or freezing purposes. That secondary engine may be an unregulated engine that is adding significantly to air pollution.

Walk-in freezer hire from Icecool Trailers is different. To start with, we deliver our units as a series of panels that are assembled on site. That means we can transfer the freezer using a standard delivery vehicle meeting current environmental regulations. Once assembled and installed, the unit is connected directly to the customer's existing electrical system. No emissions are generated to keep the interior spaces cold.

Mobile Freezer Rooms For Hire (3 M)

The largest of our freezer rooms, this 3.0M walk-in freezer/ chiller is ideal for the catering trade. Whether it's extra frozen food storage space that you require, or a replacement freezer during a breakdown, this capacious freezer room will certainly get you up and running.

Affordable, Efficient, Eco-Friendly

Comparing one of our walk-in freezers to the freezer van is like comparing night and day. Walk-in freezer hire from Icecool Trailers is affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly. What’s more, we offer both short and long-term rentals to meet just about any need.

Getting back to our hypothetical caterer, let us suppose he does not have interior space in which to locate a walk-in freezer or cold room. That's not a problem for us. We also provide refrigeration and freezer trailers of multiple sizes. Each of our trailers can be towed directly to the customer's site, set up at the most convenient location, and, once again, connected to an existing electrical supply. The only emissions generated by trailer rental are those of the tow vehicle.

Icecool Trailers provides refrigerated trailers and walk-in cold rooms for a variety of industries throughout London, Berkshire and most of England and southern Wales. We pride ourselves in offering reliable equipment and unbeatable customer service – including a 24-hour call out service for maintenance and repairs and two-hour emergency service to customers in need of temporary cold storage within the Greater London area.

Whether you are a caterer looking to serve a large corporate gathering or a medical facility administrator in need of specimen and drug supply preservation, Icecool Trailers is the one to call for refrigerated trailer or walk-in freezer hire.

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