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Refrigerated Trailers: Perfect for Refurbishment

Imagine you are the owner of a London restaurant planning an important refurbishment project during the slower summer months. You have chosen the summertime because many of the city's residents leave in search of their holiday fun. Slower than normal business means fewer disruptions caused by the refurbishment. At the same time, you still need to keep your food at the right temperature if you plan to continue serving customers during the project. What you need is refrigerated trailers or freezer trailers, as your storage requirements dictate.

photo of a tropical island
Temporary Refrigeration - Disaster Recovery

As the residents of Vanuatu begin picking up the pieces of their lives following last week's devastating cyclone, reality is starting to set in. Fears of widespread illnesses are now springing up as a result of a lack of food and medical refrigeration across the stricken island nation. Natural disasters such as these demonstrate how vital a role temporary refrigeration plays in disaster recovery.

should wine and champagne be chilled after opening
Wine's Unanswered Refrigeration Question

Should you refrigerate wine once a bottle is opened? This is a question with no easy answers. Just do a cursory internet search and you will find all sorts of opinions running in nearly every direction. Wine can be refrigerated once opened, but the disagreement seems to be over whether it needs to be. You might even be asking the question as a restaurant owner preparing for a summer renovation project.

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Effects of Regulation on Temporary Refrigeration Hire

When a client contacts us looking to hire a walk-in freezer or cold room, questions of government regulations rarely come up. It is not that our industry is not regulated – it is regulated as much as any other industry involving refrigeration equipment – it is just that the regulations do not have a significant impact on how we conduct business with our clients. They trust us to provide the walk-in rooms or refrigerated trailers they need regardless of what the government requires of us; we pride ourselves on being able to meet that need.