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Picture of a Best Before Date
Effects Of Axing Best Before Dates

There is a push on to bring an end to the best before dates often printed on labels affixed to fruits and vegetables. The idea behind the push is to reduce food waste by not providing arbitrary dates that cause consumers to unnecessarily get rid of their produce. If the trend catches on, it may have an impact on your walk-in chiller.

Picture of a Walk-in Chiller
How About a Walk-In Chiller for Your Snails?

We are always interested to learn how clients use our walk-in chillers and fridge trailers. Let's face it, there are plenty of great uses that even we don't know about. A case in point: storing snails to prevent them from breeding. It is a common practice among snail farmers who send escargot and snail caviar all over the world.

Picture of Royal Wedding Refrigeration
Do the Royal Nuptials Need Freezer Trailer Rental?

If it's just a matter of not having enough temporary refrigeration to handle foodstuffs for hundreds of guests, we would be happy to step up and provide fridge trailers, freezer trailers, and even walk-in cold rooms. They are a far better alternative to refrigerated van hire.

Picture of Winter External Refrigeration Issues
Why External Refrigeration Can Fail in Cold Temperatures

Now that winter is over for another year, we decided it might be interesting to address a common problem related to external refrigeration. You may have experienced it yourself if you keep a spare fridge out in your garage. The problem is, of course, failure when temperatures get too cold.