Temporary Refrigeration Hire and Rental

The Right Kind of Beer and Wine Storage

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If you are involved in transportation and/or manufacture of beer and wine, and require temporary refrigeration until the product is sold/transported is an essential for you. You need a type of storage that will make doing business more efficient and more convenient for you. You also need the ideal temporary refrigeration hire that will ensure your products are kept at the proper temperature. Storage at the required temperature is the only way you can promise your customers that your products will arrive with maximum life and quality.

One of the best kinds of storage is the temporary cold storage kind. Why does it trump normal static cold storage? Temporary freezers and temporary fridges are preferable to cellars and walk-in refrigerators for various reasons. Some of them are:

Freezer Trailers For Hire (2.4 M)

A 2.4M long freezer trailer available to hire from Icecool Trailers. Ideal as extra freezer storage for hotels, restaurants and outdoor caterers/ special events catering.

Our 2.4M freezer trailer is delivered to (and collected from) site for you by Icecool staff.

The exact temperature that works best will differ based on whether you are storing beer or wine. In a good fridge hire, the constant temperatures should be controllable. Another thing that you should look for when going for a temporary freezer hire is that darkness and humidity are under your control. When hit by ultraviolet rays, the wine in the bottles that contains tannins will oxidize. This will of course have a bad effect on the taste. Moreover, heat also damages beer.

If the temporary refrigeration allows for an environment that is too dry, then the corks on the bottle might shrink. A shrunken cork would let air into the bottle and the wine could oxidize. Similarly, if the surrounding air is too moist, damaged labels and cabinet mold could become real. While a good temporary cold storage service should take care of these problems, it will also allow for simple and easy relocation. Brewers and winemakers that are involved in events or are simply moving can benefit from that.

Fridge Trailers For Hire (3 M)

The largest of our fridge trailers, this 3.0m unit will easily act as a second cold room. Commonly used for the larger events, hotels and caterers, our 3.0m fridge trailer is bound to get you out of trouble. It has an approximate internal capacity of 8.5 cubic metres.

Some other things to look out for when hiring a temporary freezer include:

At Ice Cool Trailers, we offer you several options for all your refrigeration needs. They range from Fridge Trailers (2.4 and 3 M) to Freezer Trailers (2.4 and 3 M), Freezer Rooms (1.8 M), Mobile Freezer Rooms (1.8 and 3 M), and Portable Cold Rooms (3 M). All of our products are purpose-built to provide you with several options so that you can choose the one that fits you best. All of them will provide extra chilled storage so that you never have to worry about a thing! When looking for an off-site or outdoor event, our trailers are an ideal choice for both caterers and individuals. The larger sized trailer is perfect for events that require chilling on larger scales. We also strive to offer a same day service all over Birmingham, London, South Wales, Thames Valley, and parts of the Midlands. Visit our blog for an interesting article on why our Same Day Chiller service attracts so many customers. To get a warm quote for your chilling needs, call 01635 250 950.

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