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The Difference between Buffet and Snack

You are planning your wedding for late summer, looking for ways to thoroughly entertain your guests without spending a small fortune. The cost of catering likely exceeds your budget on a cost-per-head basis, so you are thinking about asking friends to put together food rather than buying you and your intended standard wedding gifts. This is not a bad plan. However, what kind of food do you want to serve? We ask because a refrigerated trailer could mean the difference between a buffet and a snack.

Preparing enough food for dozens of wedding guests is a daunting task in and of itself. Imagine going through all that effort only to have the food spoil during the last few hours leading up to the ceremony and reception. More than one wedding party has selected to settle for non-refrigerated snacks for this very reason. Nevertheless, you do not have to settle for this. Refrigerated trailer rental is an easy and affordable solution that makes it possible for you to give your guests a genuine buffet experience.

How It Works

Arranging refrigerated trailer rental for your wedding reception is very easy. It begins by calling Icecool Trailers and speaking to one of our refrigeration experts. We will help you decide the right size unit for your needs, along with determining a rental term and arranging a delivery date. That is all there is to it for your part.

On the scheduled delivery date, we will bring your refrigerated trailer directly to your site. We will park it and set it up wherever you like, and then connect it to your existing electrical system. Just let us know if your reception is being held at a location where electricity is not available. If necessary, our trailers can be powered by auxiliary generators.

During set-up, we will make sure your refrigerated trailer is level and secure. We will install all the shelving, check the lighting, and ensure your door is lockable. That's it! In a matter of minutes, you will be ready to start storing the food for your buffet in a safe, secure, and reliable refrigerated trailer. On the scheduled date, we will return to retrieve the trailer from your premises.

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For many customers in the London, M4 corridor, South Wales and Midlands areas a 2-hour delivery service is often available on fridge and freezer trailers and mobile cold rooms.

Trailers and Walk-in Rooms

It should be clear to see that a refrigerated trailer is a great asset for wedding parties and other large gatherings requiring buffet style food preparation. To that end, Icecool Trailers is thrilled to be able to provide temporary refrigeration for wedding parties. Nonetheless, that's not all we do.

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Our list of equipment includes multiple sizes of trailers and walk-in cool rooms, both for refrigerator and freezer capacity. We are especially proud of our walk-in cold rooms that do not require overhead doors or forklifts to complete delivery. The cold rooms are delivered as a set of individual panels that can be assembled on site, allowing for maximum flexibility of delivery and set up.

All of our units come complete with full shelving and lighting. We also provide around-the-clock call-out service should anything go wrong with the unit. For temporary cold storage or long-term rental, Icecool Trailers can handle all of your portable cold storage needs. We service most of England and southern Wales including Hampshire, Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Worcestershire.

Contact Icecool Trailers for more information about fridge hire and cold room hire.

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