Portable Refrigeration Hire

Portable refrigeration rental hardly seems glamorous in a day and age where technology continues to amaze. However, make no mistake; access to portable refrigeration is critical for businesses in the hospitality industry. Without it, any interruption in the normal electrical supply could spell real trouble. What's more, catering and outdoor events would be nearly impossible without portable refrigeration.

The question for business owners is whether to purchase their own portable refrigeration solutions or rent from a company such as Icecool Trailers. Let's try to answer that question by addressing three things:

Benefits of Portable Refrigeration

Any business involved in the hospitality industry should have quick access to portable refrigeration one way or the other. There are two primary benefits:

Emergency Refrigeration – You never know when the power is going to go out or your permanent refrigeration units will fail. The primary benefit of always having access to portable refrigeration is that such circumstances will only affect your business minimally. That is huge in the ultra-competitive world of hospitality.

Additional Capability – Hospitality companies with access to portable refrigeration are able to offer additional capabilities outside of the main kitchen and formal dining room. For example, it allows a restaurant to offer catering as well.

Advantages of Renting over Purchasing

A business owner can certainly choose to purchase his or her own units. Moreover, a company that relies on portable refrigeration for the core functions of the business would probably do well to consider purchasing. Nevertheless, for everyone else, renting offers a number of advantages:

Maintenance – Portable refrigeration rental frees you from having to worry about unit maintenance and breakdowns. The rental company handles all of that.

On Demand Service – Renting affords you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your portable refrigeration units will always be available and working at any time. It is on-demand refrigeration with no worries.

Cash Flow – Cash flow is a vital component in the hospitality industry. Why tie up your cash in portable refrigeration that you only use once in a while, when renting is so affordable?

portable refrigeration solutions from Icecool For many customers in the London, M4 corridor, South Wales and Midlands areas a 2-hour delivery service is often available on fridge and freezer trailers and mobile cold rooms.

Common Portable Refrigeration Applications

There are so many applications for portable refrigeration rental it would be nearly impossible to list them all here. Our regular customers include hotels, catering companies, restaurants, hospitals, and educational facilities. We also provide service to individual homeowners for private events.

The idea behind portable refrigeration rental is to provide solutions for either emergency purposes or refrigeration needs above and beyond the normal course of business. We might provide refrigeration for a wedding party in London or a special VIP event held at the local university.

It is clear that portable refrigeration solutions are vital to the hospitality industry. We believe that rental is the wiser option in most cases. If you would like more information about our service, please contact Icecool Trailers to speak with a refrigeration specialist.

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