Portable Cold Rooms Hire

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As UK specialists in emergency and temporary refrigeration equipment, we supply a range of modular and portable cold rooms which we deliver and install at your premises. We offer short-term, emergency hire as well as contract hire for the longer term (often for a year or more). The application of our portable cold rooms varies from catering for special events (both indoor and outdoor caterers), extra cold storage during peak times of the year, refrigeration replacement during times of breakdown or repair and as a backup facility.

We also supply portable cold rooms (modular) to the medical and construction sectors and our cold rooms are often on-site for many months.

As part of our high standards of service, we are usually able to provide a 'same-day service' (often within a few hours of receiving the call from the customer). Most of our business is repeat contracts from delighted and satisfied customers, or through word of mouth recommendation.

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The Benefits of Portable Refrigeration

Having quick access to portable refrigeration is essential for most catering businesses, but the same is also true in the medical and construction industries. Hospitals and clinics often need additional cold storage space to store medications and other material. In the construction industry it is quite common to see a modular cold room on site to store certain resins which need to be kept chilled.

In the event of refrigeration breakdown, being able to have a portable cold room (or fridge trailer) set up on site and working within just a few hours of the breakdown means business can continue with the minimum of disruption and loss of valuable stock.

Having the option to quickly increase cold storage capacity is invaluable for most businesses. Due to the speed at which we can respond to your request, portable cold rooms provide a perfect solution. Find out how we can help you fulfill your cold storage needs today.

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