Van Hire or Trailer Hire - What are the Key Differences

Why is Trailer Hire Better Than Van Hire

At Icecool Trailers we have excellent refrigeration and freezer hire options. We are frequently asked about freezer van rental and refrigerated van hire as alternatives to rooms and trailers.

We hope that the following information helps you to decide which will work efficiently for you.


Fridge and freezer trailers are usually more cost effective than van hire. Whilst a trailer is fully maintained it doesn’t have fuel expenses or vehicle upkeep charges loaded in to the hire fee.


It’s a common fuel policy with fridge van hire providers that if you use half a tank you must replace the half tank. Operators know the status of the fuel before the van leaves the depot so you’ll be responsible for returning it with the right amount of fuel or you’ll incur additional charges.

Familiarity and responsibility

Self drive refrigerated van hire and freezer van rental may offer freedom to some clients but for others it heightens anxiety and the sense of responsibility. It’s an unfamiliar vehicle and oncoming traffic won’t make allowances for lack of knowledge as you try to adapt your driving technique.

If you normally drive a car you’ll see a difference in positioning and perspectives. Are you confident enough to establish distances so that the vehicle (and you) remains undamaged?

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Refrigerated Van Hire

Refrigerated Van Hire Issues


A fridge trailer is transported to its required location and set up by proficient team members so the client has minimal inconvenience. When the trailer is installed and ready for use we leave site and the customer takes control.

Fridge van hire and freezer van rental service providers insist on collection of the facilities which uses more of the client’s time. This may be perfect for hirers who are only a mile or less away from the hire firm but it increases fuel and time costs for the client if they get stuck in traffic or have further to travel to their destination.

Returning the facilities

Rather like the delivery/collection options if you have refrigerated van hire or freezer van rental then you’ll be expected to deliver the vehicle back to the depot. Remember the fuel implications with this. (See above.)

A fridge trailer is collected and transported back to the depot for maximum convenience. This leaves you free to return to core business interests or “real life.”


Occasionally fridge and freezer van rental vehicles suffer breakdowns. This may be the last thing that you need in a hectic day. Fridge trailers are driven to site in 4 X 4 maintained vehicles. If there’s a breakdown we suffer the stress and swiftly organise a replacement for you. Minimum inconvenience allied with optimum efficiency.

In summary

If you want freedom with self drive and don’t mind the time and fuel costs then fridge van hire or freezer van rental could represent your best solution.

If time is precious, your confidence in strange vehicles is not great and you crave simplicity without additional costs then fridge trailers or rooms are likely to be for you so ban the van.

Other mobile refrigeration options include:

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