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Have you ever wondered:

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Let us give you the fridge trailer lowdown…

Fridge trailer equipment through a highly reputable firm like Ice Cool Trailers delivers refrigeration facilities for immediate use. Used for Hotels, restaurants, corporate catering, industry, exhibitions, weddings and parties. They allow the additional refrigeration space that’s often necessitated by events and catering for large numbers.

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Portable, Accessible, Affordable

A sleek design fridge trailer from Ice Cool Trailers comes in two sizes, 2.4m and 3m in length, the former offers capacity of 6 cubic metres and the 3m has a capacity of 8.5 cubic metres internally.

If you are unsure of the measurements then we can help you evaluate which fridge trailer will be perfect for your needs, and pre booking is recommended so that you get exactly what you need and want.

A fridge trailer is available with same day delivery for the majority of clients, and in as little as a few hours dependent on location, so our timely expertise can prevent an emergency catering situation from turning in to pandemonium and a costly experience. We cover London, Berkshire, the Home Counties, Thames Valley, South Wales and the Midlands primarily but we serve other areas, just give us a call and we’re always happy to help with fridge trailer hire and if you need it, freezer hire.

Ice Cool Trailers provide competitive customised quotes and we promise to make your life easy -  we’re industry leaders and we’re customer oriented.

We set up the fridge trailer before we leave site, so that you have ready to use facilities and we are available to advise you throughout the hire period.

Hotels frequently use our fridge trailers because their catering storage space is limited and they may have a number of functions on the same day, a domestic client might choose a fridge trailer to keep refreshments in one convenient location, say, their garden so that there is less footfall in the house and congestion in the kitchen.

A restaurant could use our services to accommodate a large order or as a pop-up restaurant that is on a short term lease and so purchase of refrigeration equipment is impractical.

Sometimes when business premises are being renovated the traditional refrigeration could be turned off, a fridge trailer can run from a portable generator and no food will be wasted through inadequate storage and safety consideration.

In essence any one, private or commercially, can take advantage of our fridge trailer hire simply and with swift, friendly service. We’ve been working with fridge trailers and hire for over twenty years so we are the proven and widely recommended service provider for refrigeration and freezer facilities, why not get a quote and join our growing list of satisfied customers?

Other mobile refrigeration options include:

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