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Temperature Control

Wines are best when stored at temperatures between 10° and 15°C. Too high a temperature allows wine to continue maturing while too low can significantly reduce flavour. Our client gave us an optimal temperature for the types of wines they were planning to store during the event, so that we could adjust our thermostat appropriately.

Throughout the three-day rental, workers kept a close eye on the temperatures inside the trailer. Much to their relief, our trailer maintained a consistent temperature throughout. The stored wine was never in danger of getting too warm or cold.

As for humidity control, this is necessary for corked bottles in order to prevent the corks from drying out. Dry corks tend to contract, resulting in broken seals. Humidity was not an issue in this case because the weather during the event cooperated nicely. Had there been any concern, we could have introduced external means to increase humidity.

Shelving Options

Corked wine bottles are best stored flat in order to keep corks saturated and expanded. At the same time, we needed to provide enough shelf space allowing for the storage of all the bottles without stacking one on top of another. This was not an issue. We were able to provide the correct shelving configuration to store all of the bottles without any stacking necessary. We lined the shelving with protective material to reduce the risk of bottle breakage. The protective material also acted as a shock absorber to mitigate the minor vibrations caused by the running of the compressor.

Success Achieved

Icecool Trailers is proud to say that the fridge trailer hire we provided to our client performed exactly as we promised. Success was achieved by offering our customer a refrigerated trailer with appropriate temperature and humidity control and the shelving to accommodate their storage needs. In the end, they were very happy with the results. As far as we know, all of the guests were very pleased with the wine selection as well.

We can provide your business or organisation with the fridge trailer hire you need for your next planned event. We also offer walk-in cold rooms and freezers for portable cold storage inside your building. Call us for your emergency refrigeration or freezing as well. We are happy to provide service along the M4 corridor between Wales and London, throughout London proper, in the Home Counties, the Midlands and across many other locations in England and Wales.

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