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New School Meal Programme needs Refrigeration

The start of a new school year has brought with it an expanded school meal programmes that Government officials hope will help combat the problem of childhood obesity. To that end, they have committed some £1 billion toward the cost of providing free meals to children, with no means testing required, for the next two years. It sounds as if the Government could use some temporary refrigeration to help manage the new programme.

Chiller hire for fresh eggs
Consider Same-Day Chiller Hire for Fresh Eggs

Scientists from the European Food Safety Authority are warning the European Union that something needs to be done about the potential problems caused by extending the shelf life of eggs beyond what is considered reasonably safe. They went further saying that caterers are among those most affected by the increased risk. Icecool Trailers recommends same-day chiller hire for any caterer concerned about the freshness of large volumes of stored eggs.

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Fridge Trailer Hire for the Local Farmers Market

Throughout the summer and early autumn, most of the towns in Berkshire come alive with farmers markets and other open-air fairs on the weekends. There are markets operating in Ascot, Woodley, Newbury, and throughout the county, featuring produce from local farmers and speciality foods from gourmet producers. It is a wonder we do not see more refrigerated trailers at some of these markets. Affordable fridge trailer hire could really help expand the offerings of some of the vendors.

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Cause of Snow and Ice in a Walk-In Freezer

The temperature inside your restaurant is already climbing, even though it's still early in the day. You expect that during the summer season. You also expect that as the day wears on, you will start seeing an accumulation of ‘snow’ and ice inside your walk-in freezer. You do not know what to do because you don't know what's causing it. We will explain the science behind the phenomena in this post.