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Government Report a Reminder for Efficiency

Most of the time, our thoughts about walk-in freezer or chiller equipment focuses on storage space or compressor capacity. We just take it for granted that a portable cold storage unit will be efficient enough to generate maximum savings without sacrificing optimal performance. However, a new government report is a reminder to the industry that refrigeration efficiency can never be taken for granted.

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Temporary Refrigeration Solution to Sanction Issue

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to ban imports of European produce has resulted in a surplus of fruits and vegetables and a subsequent price drop in the UK. While that is good for consumers, it is not necessarily good for growers who now have an ample supply of product to deal with. Exacerbating the problem is an unusually strong crop this year (2014).

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Replacing Refrigeration Equipment: Purchase or Rent

There comes a time when businesses that own refrigeration equipment must replace that equipment. The question is one of whether to purchase or to rent. Purchasing may initially appear the best decision, especially for businesses or other organisations that intend to continue in the same location for the foreseeable future. However, it is safe to say that purchasing is not always the best decision. Sometimes renting a walk-in freezer or cold room is the better option.

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Tips for Utilising Refrigerated Trailer Rental

Refrigerated trailer rental is one option for cold storage whether your company is working a planned event or is in the midst of a refrigeration emergency. Icecool Trailers can accommodate your portable cold storage needs with several sizes of refrigerator and freezer trailers along with walk-in cold rooms and freezers.