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Attorney Reminds Businesses of Responsibilities

Scotland Food & Drink recently published an article from an experienced attorney who used the opportunity to remind business owners in the food and drink industry of their legal responsibilities in a number of areas. One of the areas addressed was that of refrigeration. Davidson Chalmers' partner Laura Tainish specifically mentioned regulators focusing on refrigeration due to the possibility of faulty equipment releasing ozone-depleting gases. Potential problems are equally applicable to all equipment, from the walk-in freezer to the refrigerated trailer.

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Walk-In Freezer and Cold Room Sales to Climb

Refrigeration industry analysts are expecting fairly strong growth across the commercial sector through 2018, according to a news item recently published by RAC Magazine's Julian Milnes. Analysts expect walk-in freezer and cold room sales to be among the hottest in developed countries, while residential refrigerators and freezers will likely enjoy the strongest growth in developing countries.

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Mobility Isn't New to Providers of Chiller Trailer Hire

Do a little online research into the latest business trends and you will find it is all about mobility. Website developers are offering responsive design services meant to take advantage of accessing the Internet using mobile phones and tablets. Point of sale (POS) developers are working on software that integrates mobility with back office functionality. Yet the reality is that all of those other players are late to the game. We have been mobile for years. In fact, mobility is nothing new to providers of chiller trailer hire.

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Temporary Refrigeration Could Solve Waste Problems

Recent estimates suggest that anywhere between 25% and 33% of the world's food supply is never eaten. Instead, it falls victim to waste of one sort or another. The causes of food waste are different in developed and undeveloped nations, so the solutions to the problem are as well. Temporary refrigeration could be part of the solution in some cases. In the developed world, the majority of food waste occurs at the consumer level. Consumers have easy access to food at incredibly cheap prices, which leads them to not value the food they have on hand. When food is not valued, it is more easily disposed of. This is as true at home as well as when eating out at restaurants.