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Is Energy-Free Refrigerated Trailer Rental A Reality?

One of the holy grails of science is to create engineering solutions capable of doing a specific form of work without having to use any energy. According to the laws of physics, such prospects are impossible to achieve. However, that has not stopped scientists looking for a way to provide ambient cooling without the need for electrical energy. It is in this light that we ask whether or not energy-free refrigerated trailer rental will ever be reality.

Food hygiene ratings: compliant refrigeration in catering trades
Incident Demonstrates Need for Compliant Refrigeration

When couples plan their weddings, the comfort and enjoyment of the guests are top priorities. So imagine the surprise of one bride and groom who, last year, discovered nearly all of their 470 guests suffered from food poisoning as a result of eating a catered meal provided by a London food service company. The troubling story clearly illustrates the need for compliant refrigeration among companies involved in food service preparation and catering.

An explanation to refrigeration
CNET Publishes Great Explanation of Refrigeration

As specialists in portable refrigeration, we are fascinated by every aspect of cold storage. It wouldn't matter whether you were talking about a walk-in freezer or the finer points of mounting a compressor on the back of a refrigerated trailer. We find it all quite captivating. In light of that, we are pleased to see that CNET has published a very good explanation of how refrigeration works on their website. If you are curious about the science of refrigeration, the article is definitely a good read.

temporary refrigeration for medical uses
New Nebuliser Could Reduce Medical Refrigeration

Scientists in Melbourne, Australia have come up with a new way to vaccinate patients that could someday bring an end to injections, while at the same time reducing the need for medical refrigeration. The scientists, from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Monash University, have developed a brand-new nebuliser that makes it possible for patients to self-vaccinate through inhalation.