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What to Do When You Need Secure Portable Refrigeration

Have you seen the viral video depicting the family dog raiding the fridge while its owner is away? The video shows just how creative animals can be when they know there is food to be found. In this case, the yellow Labrador named Allie started her adventure with the rubbish bin, and then moved on to the stainless steel freezer/refrigerator unit. She managed to get both doors and the freezer drawer open with what appeared to be very little effort. As adorable as this video might be, trouble with animals is the last thing you need when dealing with portable refrigeration.

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BBC Really Wants to Know What's in Your Fridge

If a BBC reporter came knocking on your door inquiring about the contents of your fridge, would you comply with the request? Such a visit is unlikely to occur, but that does not mean the BBC isn't curious. In fact, they recently launched a web campaign asking readers to send in pictures showing the contents of their refrigerators. Perhaps we should encourage our refrigerated trailer rental customers to send their pictures as well.

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IOR Introduces Cool Finance Initiative Aimed at Youth

Imagine, if you will, what life in Great Britain would be like without refrigeration. Not just the walk-in freezer and refrigerated trailer solutions we offer, but refrigeration in general. A lack of refrigeration would affect so many areas of our lives, including food preparation and storage, healthcare delivery, and even development of new technologies. We can get a good idea of what it would be like just by looking at the developing world.

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Is Energy-Free Refrigerated Trailer Rental A Reality?

One of the holy grails of science is to create engineering solutions capable of doing a specific form of work without having to use any energy. According to the laws of physics, such prospects are impossible to achieve. However, that has not stopped scientists looking for a way to provide ambient cooling without the need for electrical energy. It is in this light that we ask whether or not energy-free refrigerated trailer rental will ever be reality.