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cold storage for milk producers
Milk Producers Obligated to Maintain Cold Storage

The difficulty with raw milk is the fact that it contains the natural bacteria present in the animals producing it. While this natural bacteria is not necessarily harmful in and of itself, it can become harmful if it is allowed to multiply. In addition, poor hygiene practices at the local level can introduce additional bacteria that could be harmful. Proper cold storage can prevent such contaminants from proliferating in raw milk supplies.

refrigerated trailer hire
New Standards for Refrigerated Trailer Hire

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has issued a new consultation regarding leak-checking standards for refrigeration systems in light of stiffer F-Gas regulations for 2015. The consultation suggests that as many as 425,000 new refrigeration systems will have to undergo changes in their leak checking regimes. Furthermore, equipment owners will be required to set up a system for monitoring potential leaks in the future.

emergency fridge rental and mobile cold rooms
Refrigeration Fire: Don't Let Emergencies Spoil Your Food

We often talk about emergency fridge rental for customers who find themselves in unexpected situations. And it's not without reason. One never knows when an emergency will shut down a refrigerator or freezer unit just when you need it most. A recent fire at a Somerset factory provides a good illustration.

walk in freezer unit for hire
Inverness Athlete to Train Using Walk-In Freezer Unit

We have seen walk-in freezer units put to use in very creative ways. Most of our clients use them to freeze food, although we have also seen them used for frozen storage of medical supplies, temperature sensitive chemicals, and even highly sensitive industrial components. What we have never seen is a walk-in freezer used as a training device for an athlete.