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Changing Frozen Food's Bad Reputation

Talk to the average person on the street about frozen food and you are likely to hear comments about it being flavourless and lacking important nutrients as compared to fresh foods. Indeed, frozen food has a bad reputation that has been around for decades. Now, national supermarket chain Sainsbury's is aiming to change that by educating consumers in the facts about frozen food.

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Winter Is No Substitute for Emergency Fridge Rental

The winter months can be pretty slow for portable refrigeration companies, at least where emergency fridge rental is concerned. The colder weather makes it easier for business owners to decide to temporarily store items outdoors when refrigeration goes down. They are banking on the weather remaining cold until their refrigeration problems are solved. We would suggest this is not a wise strategy.

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Efficiency Tips for Commercial Refrigeration Units

You have probably heard people say that you can save energy and money at home by turning off your fridge for short periods. As the thinking goes, both your refrigerator and freezer are well insulated to the point that they can maintain a constant temperature for a time even while turned off or unplugged. Believe it or not, the same thinking is beginning to make its way to commercial refrigeration. However, it is faulty thinking that should be ignored.

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Influenza Outbreak Increases Refrigeration Demand

An outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) this past November (2014) has resulted in a slower export market for spent hens, as importing countries are being especially cautious with the poultry meat products brought in to their markets. The current conditions have led to falling prices and increased demand for temporary refrigeration at processing plants and wholesale distribution outlets.