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There's More than One Way to Cool/Heat Spaces

Icecool Trailers is constantly on the lookout for industry-related developments that could make the service we provide in Berkshire, London, and the Thames Valley better. One of the latest developments, though not directly related to the freezer and refrigerated trailer rentals we offer, is still important nonetheless. The development we are referring to is that of a new ammonia-based heat extraction system now providing all of the heat needed by a Norwegian town 40 miles north of Oslo.

London Fire Brigade to call for better refrigeration safety.
Safety Is Always a Concern of Temporary Refrigeration

Before one of our walk-in cold rooms or freezer trailers leaves our facilities for delivery to a customer, it undergoes a thorough mechanical and safety inspection. The mechanical inspection ensures the unit is working as intended while the safety inspection is designed to identify any potential issues that could result in fires or other accidents. Both inspections are critical to maintaining the temporary refrigeration equipment our customers rely on.

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MPs: Remanufacturing is More Carbon Friendly

Everything from medical refrigeration to walk-in freezer hire could be made more carbon friendly through adoption of a remanufacturing mindset, if a new report from two groups of MPs is accurate. The report, recently released by the All-Party Remanufacturing and All-Party Sustainable Resources groups, suggest that remanufacturing on an industry-wide scale could reduce carbon output and keep still-usable materials out of landfills.

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IIR Document Shows Potential of CO2 as a Refrigerant

With the phasing out of older refrigerants now in full swing across Europe, scientists are looking for new and more effective refrigerants that can be used in everything from industrial cooling to refrigerated trailer hire. How ironic that they are now looking at a substance we have taken for granted for a while: carbon dioxide. However, things are changing.