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Chillers and Trailers that Help Save the Environment

Here at Icecool Trailers we like to think we do more than just provide refrigerated trailers, freezers, and walk-in chillers to restaurants and hotels. Knowing what we know about our industry, we can safely say there is more to what we do than meets the eye. We know that something as simple as a rented cold room can do something as important as helping save the environment.

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Brexit Offers a Lesson in Cold Storage

The Department of Health and Social Care recently issued a warning to UK drug makers about stockpiling their products as a protection against interruptions that might occur as a result of a no-deal Brexit. While Icecool Trailers takes no official position on the current Brexit negotiations, there is an important lesson to be learned here in terms of cold storage. That lesson is to be prepared for any outcome.

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Fridge Trailer Hire for First and Second-Sale Fish Sellers

A rash of news stories warning consumers about door-to-door fish sellers made us think about the refrigeration options available to first and second-sale sellers of fresh fish. Police and consumer advocates are warning against door-to-door sellers whose fish products may not be so fresh. From years of experience in the fridge trailer hire business, we can attest to the fact that freshness has a lot to do with cold storage.

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Chiller Hire: 3 Questions to Ask Before You Rent

We often work with caterers to provide them with walk-in cold rooms and chillers but regardless of who needs our services we always urge that you ask questions. Here are three questions you must ask when renting chillers.