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Simple Earthen Device Explains Fridge Trailer Mechanics

Icecool Trailers - 16-Jun-2017
Behind trailers and walk-in rooms is a scientific concept mankind has been using to preserve food and other perishables for centuries. All we do here is improve on this concept with state-of-the-art technology. If you want to better understand the mechanics behind the average fridge trailer, you need look no further than an earthen device used in Africa.

Why We Don't Care about Walk-In Freezer and Fridge Trends

Icecool Trailers - 09-Jun-2017
The Which? website published an article earlier this year discussing the top three fridge-freezer trends for 2017. It was an interesting read if you care at all about retail trends, but those trends don't really apply to what we do at Icecool Trailers. As a UK leader in walk-in freezer and chiller hire, what they do in the retail sector doesn't really affect us.

How Freezer Trailer Hire Can Make a Better Restaurant

Icecool Trailers - 26-May-2017
The Huffington Post published a fascinating article on April 13th discussing how the average residential freezer is used as a storage place for processed foods rather than a tool for families looking to create healthier meals that will actually be eaten. While the details of the article do not pertain to what we do here at Icecool Trailers, the underlying theme does. We can expand on that theme to explain how freezer trailer hire can make for a better restaurant.

You Might Soon Need Cold Room Hire

Icecool Trailers - 19-May-2017
It turns out that there are signs you can look for that would tell you refrigeration failure was just around the corner. So in an effort to help our clients be better prepared, here are five signs that suggest you might soon need cold room hire from Icecool Trailers...

Fridge Trailer Hire: Rules to Live By

Icecool Trailers - 12-May-2017
With more than 20 years in the fridge trailer hire business, we have learned a few things about the efficient use of temporary cold storage. We've come up with a list of 'rules to live by' that should help our customers make the most of their rentals.

Arranging Freezer Trailer Rental When You Least Expect It

Icecool Trailers - 05-May-2017
Here at Icecool Trailers, we talk frequently about emergency service. In fact, a lot of our business comes from emergency freezer trailer rental. That's one of the reasons we strive to provide 2-4-hour service in the Greater London area. But that's another topic for another day.

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