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Refrigerated Vans for Deliveries and Trailers for Storage

Icecool Trailers - 15-Sep-2017
Several news articles published this past spring described the good work of a well-known online supermarket that donated refrigerated vans to local food charities. What the company did was both honourable and very helpful to the charities in question. From our perspective though, their donation clearly demonstrates the difference between refrigerated van hire and trailer rental from Icecool Trailers.

3 Reasons to Choose Cold Room Hire Over Other Options

Icecool Trailers - 08-Sep-2017
Icecool Trailers offers a number of different options for fast and reliable temporary refrigeration. Among them is cold room hire. A cold room from our inventory offers you plenty of cold storage space that can be directly connected to mains power or, if necessary, a stand-alone generator. Icecool Trailers provides delivery, full assembly, and electrical hook-up for your convenience.

Combat Food Waste with Freezer Trailer Hire

Icecool Trailers - 01-Sep-2017
Food waste has been an ongoing problem in Great Britain for some time. But that waste is not limited just to individual families and households. Restaurants, hotels, and even caterers throw away significant volumes of food every day. Some of the waste is the direct result of over-purchasing and then not using the entire inventory. Some of it is due to lack of adequate cold storage, and still more waste is the result of cold storage failures.

Include Walk-in Freezer and Chiller Hire in Your Temp Kitchen

Icecool Trailers - 25-Aug-2017
It is that time of year again when schools, colleges and universities across the UK begin welcoming new students. We know first-hand that many of these institutions set up temporary kitchens to accommodate guests becoming acquainted with campus facilities for the first time. Walk-in freezer and chiller hire from Icecool Trailers is a key asset that should be included in each one of these temporary kitchens.

Walk-In Chiller Perfect for Summer Heat

Icecool Trailers - 18-Aug-2017
Southern Europe has been in the grips of a heatwave all summer long. The heat hasn't been anywhere close in England and Wales, but summer is still summer no matter how you look at it. Temperatures are higher, the sun shines longer, and companies with emergency refrigeration needs have to take both into consideration.

Freezer Trailer Rental and Cleaner Air

Icecool Trailers - 11-Aug-2017
We assume by now that you've heard of the government plan to ban petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK by 2040. The plan is part of a more ambitious goal to drastically clean up the air across Britain without mandating Clean Air Zones. The news of the plan has been met with approval and scepticism alike, though it will not do much to change what we do in terms of fridge and freezer trailer rental.

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