Refrigeration Trailers and Cold Rooms for Sale

2.4m trailers and 3.0m Cold rooms for sale. Please call for details.

We occasionally have a small number of ex-hire refrigerated trailers and cold rooms for sale

Here at Icecool Trailers, we like to keep our hire units a step above the rest. How you ask?

We like to do regular maintenance checks on all of our units, this ensures they are both safe and reliable.

We also keep an eye out for new technologies that can make our services that much better.

When new technologies become available and a viable option we will switch to them this means our old units will be needing a new home.

They have been well taken care of and we know they are suitable to be sold.

We would hate to have unexpected issues become prevalent when in your hands.

Please call us for details or register your interest on the form below

Fridge and Freezer Trailers for Sale Cold Rooms for Sale
fridge freezer trailer hire from Icecool of Berkshire