Which areas of the UK do you cover?

We will try, wherever possible and depending on current demand, to supply you with a fridge or freezer trailer if you are in the 'southern half' of the UK.

Often, we can provide same day refrigeration hire and sometimes even within a couple of hours (especially for emergency refrigeration replacement following a fridge or freezer breakdown).

We don't have any specific supply area and have recently delivered our trailers as far north as Sheffield and as far southwest as Exeter, although typically most of work clusters around the M4 corridor from Central London to South Wales, down to south coast and up to Birmingham and the Midlands (and all places in between along the M40/ M42 and M5 routes).

Deliveries to Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk are not uncommon either.

Usually, we'll be able to help you with any temporary refrigeration needs and as each request is different it really does pay to ask us even if you are outside of our normal area of operations.

Being so well-positioned (just off the M4 and A34 trunk routes), we can get to most places in the southern half of Britain the same day, depending on when you contact us.

Because refrigeration breakdowns are not just confined to business hours, we provide emergency fridge and freezer trailer hire/ replacement 24/7.

We are one of few companies in the UK to provide such a service.

We've listed a running feed of recent requests, deliveries and locations on our areas covered page.

If in doubt, just call us on 01635 250 950

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