What Generator Do I Need?: Temporary Refrigeration

Our Fridge Trailers, Freezer trailers and Cold Rooms all require at least 3kw of power.

The generator must be capable of delivering this continually, and therefore should be of a higher output than required.

Do not attempt using a generator that provide less power than listed. Otherwise you risk spoiling your products as our units will not be able to function properly!

A good general use generator we would recommend is from HSS.

They are more than adequate to run up to 2 of our trailers and therefore will be able to suit your needs perfectly.


Follow the link below for the recommended generator:

HSS 10kVA Silenced Diesel Generator

Small Petrol Generators are not adequate to run our units and we recommend you research when making your decision on what generator to use.

We really can't stress it anymore, it is important you choose the correct generator!

If in doubt please call us on 01635 250 950, we are more than happy to help you make your selection.


Icecool Trailers delivers all across the country, we have a fantastic location just off of the M4 and the A34 allowing us to cover the southern half of Britain very quickly.

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