Do You Hire Fridge Trailers For Weddings?

Yes, indeed we do. About 40% of our business comes from weddings, garden parties and other seasonal outdoor events.

Our fridge trailers are ideal for cool storage of wines, champagne, beer and food as the internal temperature of the fridge trailer can be regulated very easily.

For storing wines and champagnes on a hot summer's day, simply set the internal temperature control to around 7 or 8 degrees Celsius to enjoy your champagne and white wines at their best. This temperature will work well for beers and food too.

For large weddings and events, you may wish to consider hiring a couple of trailers so one can be used to store food, white wines, champagnes and beers while the other can be used to keep red wines at a comfortable temperature (the French would say that's about 16-18 degrees Celsius - or chambré which means 'room temperature' but a couple of centuries ago large French houses were probably not that warm!).

After all, there are few things in life worse than warm beer or cold red wine! Keep your cool on your wedding day with a fridge trailer from Icecool and everything will just go swimmingly. When it's all over, we'll come along and remove the trailer. Simples....

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