Can I tow a fridge/ freezer trailer behind my car?

We don't hire for self towing. We deliver and collect all our fridge and freezer trailers and the hitches are locked once on site. If you have concerns about access to a site, please call us to discuss and we will be happy to discuss the requirement. 01635 250 950

We offer a large range of fridge and freezer trailers but if these don't meet your requirements take a look at our range of cold rooms and chillers, we are able to provide a solution to a number of issues and our range of services allow us to do this, contact us if you feel you need something specific.

As stated above we deliver and collect our units, but before you think your location will be a problem. Icecool Trailers would like to reassure you it won't, we have delivered all over the South of Britain and we have even gone as far north as Sheffield.

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