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That Minute You Realize You Need Fridge Trailer Hire Right Now

Icecool Trailers - 10-May-2019
Picture of a Pub Requiring Chiller Hire

We serviced a client a few years back who found himself in real trouble. He was a London pub owner who arrived for work one day and discovered that his walk-in chiller had decided to take the day off. Things got worse when he contacted a repair company to come out and take a look.

What started out as an uneventful day quickly became a nightmare. Unfortunately, the parts his walk-in chiller needed were not immediately available. The technician told him that he was looking at 5-7 days. It was at that minute he realised he needed fridge trailer rental hire immediately.

This distressed pub owner contacted Icecool Trailers for emergency assistance. It's a good thing he did because he was able to take advantage of our emergency service that delivers trailers and walk-in cold rooms within the Greater London area in hours.

Not a Minute to Waste

That minute you realise you need fridge trailer hire is also the same minute you realise you have no time to waste. Every minute you spend arranging for delivery is another minute that goes by in the race to keep your perishables at the right temperature. There isn't a minute to waste.

We offer emergency service for this very reason. The Icecool Trailers maintenance staff keeps a supply of trailers and walk-in chillers ready to go because we know that emergencies are not scheduled. We also know that time is of the essence. That pub owner in London could not wait until the next day. In fact, he couldn't wait five or six hours. He had perishables that needed to stay cold.

We Offer Options

We should tell you that the pub owner wanted to know what we could offer compared to refrigerated van hire. His questions were legitimate. If one of our trailers or walk-in chillers was not adequate for his needs, he was fully prepared to look at refrigerated van. Fortunately, it didn't come to that.

We offer a variety of options designed to meet nearly every need. That includes several different sizes of refrigerator and freezer trailers along with various walk-in cold rooms. All of our units can be run directly from standard mains power for a convenient and easy solution. In cases where mains power is not available, a generator will do the trick.

Throughout the Greater London area and beyond, refrigeration emergencies happen all the time. We get it. Here at Icecool Trailers, we are committed to providing emergency service with the quickest possible response time.

That minute you realise you need fridge trailer hire should be the same minute you contact us. All it takes is one call to dispatch a trailer or walk-in cold room to your site. We will deliver the unit, set it up, and make sure it's operating properly before we leave. And when you're done with it, we will return to retrieve it. Emergency fridge trailer hire could not be easier.

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