Refrigeration Fire: Don't Let Emergencies Spoil Your Food

emergency fridge rental and mobile cold rooms

We often talk about emergency fridge rental for customers who find themselves in unexpected situations. And it's not without reason. One never knows when an emergency will shut down a refrigerator or freezer unit just when you need it most. A recent fire at a Somerset factory provides a good illustration.

According to news reports, a refrigerator compressor caught fire at an Oscar Mayer factory in the town of Chard. Upon receiving word of smoke in the factory at 5.10 on the morning of December 29, three separate fire crews responded to deal with the situation. They discovered the compressor fire almost immediately, isolating it to extinguish the flames.

The good news is that the building suffered no significant structural damage. However, the heat damaged the compressor while the first and second floors suffered some smoke damage. Fire crews used fans to ventilate the premises.

News reports do not say how big the refrigeration unit was or what was stored inside. However, it is clear that the unit will remain inoperable until the compressor can be repaired or replaced. In the meantime, how will the contents of the refrigeration unit be protected?

Emergency Fridge Rental

We assume a large company such as Oscar Mayer has plans in place to handle such an emergency. Nevertheless, a smaller, independent company might not. At Icecool Trailers, we invite owners of small companies to work with us to establish an emergency fridge rental plan.

We can offer you two-hour delivery within many of our service areas, including Greater London, the Home Counties, central southern England and parts of the Midlands and South Wales. Outside of these areas, a same day emergency refrigeration delivery service is possible in most cases.
An emergency could lead to the loss of very expensive inventory if you do not have contingency plans in place. When you work with us, a refrigerated trailer or walk-in freezer room is but a phone call away. Regardless of what your emergency is, you can have the temporary cold storage you need to continue running your business in place quickly and efficiently. We will also provide all the necessary maintenance during the entire term of your rental.

Schedule Rentals

Icecool Trailers is proud to offer scheduled service in addition to our emergency fridge rental. Are you planning a large corporate gathering this summer? Do you have a child planning to get married within the next several months? Is your restaurant or catering business getting ready to expand?

You are already in the planning stages of a big event scheduled for this year, so why not also schedule your temporary refrigeration at the same time. We offer several different sizes of walk-in freezers and cold rooms if you need interior storage. Our walk-in rooms can be carried in through any standard door and assembled on-site.


For exterior cold storage, we provide freezer and refrigerated trailers in various sizes. Each of our units comes with full shelving, lighting and lockable doors. Exterior units can be connected to your existing electrical system or operated off a separate generator.

Emergency fridge rental is just a phone call away when you work with Icecool Trailers. For more than 20 years, we have been supplying customers throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and most of the rest of England and Wales with reliable refrigeration equipment.


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