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How About Fridge Trailer Rental for Your Next Corporate Event?

Icecool Trailers - 08-Mar-2019
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Our business is most often associated with caterers and restaurants. That is understandable, given that freezers and refrigerators are a big part of both industries. But did you know that Icecool Trailers also serves corporate clients? Indeed, our corporate clients often have need for temporary fridge trailer rental to accommodate certain kinds of events.

Compared to refrigerated van hire, we believe a trailer is a better option. A refrigerated trailer gives you just what you need in terms of temporary cold storage without you having to rent an entire vehicle with an engine for wheels. Moreover, refrigerated van hire requires you to retrieve and return your unit. Renting from Icecool Trailers eliminates that hassle. We deliver your trailer, set it up, and then retrieve it after the rental period is over.

Here are a few examples of corporate events for which we rent freezer and fridge trailers:

Out-of-Office Team Building

Team building events represent a great way to get employees together outside of the office to improve how they work together. Feeding team members during such events can be tricky though. You don't want to send them to a team building event with a packed lunch, but you also don't want to have to carry an entire kitchen with you.

Fridge trailer rental is the ideal solution. Work with the caterer to provide the food, using one of our trailers to keep it cold and fresh until mealtime.

Annual Office Parties

Perhaps your company puts on an annual party either at Christmas or during the summer. Either way, fridge trailer rental from Icecool Trailers provides the temporary cold storage you need to keep food items fresh. One of our trailers would allow the creative people in your company to provide food without having to spend extra on a caterer.

Outdoor Exhibitions

Some of our corporate clients participate in outdoor exhibitions similar to indoor trade shows. If your exhibition includes providing food to guests, there's no better way to keep that food cold and fresh than fridge trailer rental. The thing about our trailers is that they can run on mains power. Your typical exhibition space offers power points, mitigating the need to run you trailer off a noisy generator.

Charity Events

Finally, your company might participate in charity events held in outdoor settings. Like outdoor exhibitions, you may have need for temporary cold storage for preserving food, product, or both. One of our trailers is the ideal solution. It goes wherever you go, with almost no effort required on your part. We do all the work for you.

Your company may not need cold storage capacity to accommodate daily operations. But if you ever find yourself in an outdoor setting where refrigeration might come in handy, fridge trailer hire will probably suit your needs better thana refrigerated van. We invite you to contact us at your leisure to learn more about our trailers. We deliver trailers throughout most of southern England and South Wales.

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